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Abigail Bell Vintage x Panache

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About the Brand

When P,  the founder and owner of Miami-based brand Panache, found herself needing a creative outlet she—like many of us—turned to carbs. But not in the traditional sense: She began sourcing vintage handbags then hand-painting them with the brand’s signature. “It started with baguettes and later turned into croissants and bagels,” says P, who worked exclusively with leather accessories before teaming up with Infinite and Abigail Bell, the owner of her eponymous vintage home goods store. “The bags were the thing that took off, that everyone kept asking about,” P says. But this time, P is working with the ceramics, vases, and other homewares that Abigail Bell sourced.

Like P, Bell gained enough momentum to quit her corporate job back in 2019 to source second-hand lamps, mirrors, and other retro-adjacent homewares full-time. Unlike the painstakingly curated Instagram feeds of some vintage sellers that spend every Sunday morning at a secret estate sale, Bell goes off of a vibe check—not a checklist. “It's all really based on feeling,” says Bell, who’s in the midst of renovating her 1930s Miami bungalow. “I can find something that was made by an art student in 1972, and as long as it's cool, unique, and speaks to me for whatever reason, I'll pick it up. That's the kind of stuff that I love to find,” Bell says. 

It worked out: two-plus years and a handful of collabs later, Bell is known by name for her quirky, retro aesthetic—something that P can appreciate. “We’re both just winging it.”

Collab photo
Collab photo

What inspired this collaboration?

This serendipitous collaboration between Alyssa, Abigail of Abigail Bell Vintage, and P, the founder and owner of Panache, was the result of a mutual love of quirk—and the Magic City. “I’m originally from here, Abigail just moved here, and Alyssa has roots here,” says P. “So we all kind of agreed on old school Miami architecture—that tiny little portion of Miami Beach that's authentic—as the center of the collab.” Bell sourced ceramic vases, glass vessels, and plastic canisters in Miami’s unofficial color scheme of dusty rose and cool mint, and P hand-painted retro motifs that are reminiscent of the city’s heyday. 

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